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We are happy to announce ten years since the foundation of LARGONET Ltd - the company behind MIDI Boutique!
​On September 13th, 2015 our company celebrated ten years of its birthday.

During these ten years our most important goals have always been building long-term relationship with you - our customers, satisfying the most specific of your requirements, observing all promised deadlines, offering constantly products of top quality. In these ten years, we have been lead by our strong conviction that our most valuable capital are our good name and our customers.

To share our anniversary celebration with you we organized 10 promotions in last three months. At the end of each campaign two customers of ours won one of two special prizes - a voucher for € 50 discount and an original graphic art-work. We are happy to announce the winners to our prizes:

50 EUR voucher goes to Mark Ferguson - USA, Bert-Jan de Waard - Netherlands, Timothy Doyle - Canada, Glenn Fox - USA, Salvatore Bocchetti - Italy, Milton Keynes - Australia,  Hans Westberg - Germany, J.H. Stakenburg - The Netherlands, Mark Williams - USA, Graham King - Australia

Graphic artwork  goes to Ian Sell - Australia, Arthur Bailey - USA, Philippe Lagrange - France, Erik Lavevaz - Italy, Eric Gerets - Belgium, Julien Paraveau - France,  Aaron Doyle - USA, Neal Sheffield - USA, Thomas Gentry -  USA, Franck Bistocchi - France
Congratulations to the winners!

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