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Universal user-programmable keyboard USB-MIDI encoder

  • scanmatrix 8x8 of 64 scanpoints (for keys and buttons) - keymux64 and sm8x8 compatible
  • 8 analog inputs for continuous control (reading potentiometers or external control voltage)
  • 5 additional parallel inputs for passive discrete control (reading buttons, switches or external TTL voltage)
  • USB-MIDI input/output
  • USB port-powered
  • user-programmable MIDI message of up to 32 bytes for each On/Off/Change event
  • NOTES about user programming:
    • all programming is done by dedicated SysEx messages, format described in documentation
    • programmable features are permanently memorized in non-volatile memory
    • an convenient MS-Windows-based application mkc64uprg for programming is free downloadable
Analog inputs 8
Discrete inputs 5
Keying voltage n.a. (scanmatrix and discrete inputs operate at TTL levels)
Power 5V DC, from USB port
Scanmatrix 8x8
Settings Software
MIDI In Virtual, via USB (Merge, Program)
MIDI Out Virtual, via USB

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