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Dual port touch sensitive MIDI encoder for Fatar TP/6- TP/60 keyboards

  • functionally same as mkcv64smf-bundle#1, but has additional USB port
  • designed for 61-key Fatar DF or DR scanmatrices
  • user selectable type scanmatrix (DF/DR)
  • user-selectable velocity response curve (8 curves available)
  • user selectable MIDI channel (1 to 16)
  • user selectable starting note
  • 4 analog inputs with user selectable MIDI controller per input
  • multiple uints can be easily daisy-chained for building multi-manual applications (check related bundles!)
  • standard MIDI input for Merging and Programming (3-pin connector)
  • standard MIDI output (3-pin connector)
  • on-board diode bridge and voltage regulator - just apply 9-12V AC/DC from supply adapter or battery
  • alternative USB MIDI In/Out port, when working with USB does not need power supply
  • includes 2x mm16-16/30, 2x hu3-din5f and 1x hu2-pwrs cables
  • NOTES about user configuring:
    • configuration of this unit can be done at any time using unit-specific SysEx message, format described in documentation
    • all configurable parameters are permanently memorized in non-volatile memory
    • an convenient MS-Windows-based software utility mkcv64smfset for programming is available for free download
Analog inputs 4 (can be used as discrete as well)
Keying voltage Passive
Power 12V AC/DC
Scanmatrix 8x8 Fatar DF/DR type (61 keys with double contacts)
Settings Software
MIDI In Yes (Merge/Program)
MIDI Out Yes

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