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Intelligent Stop controller for Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ by Milan Digital Audio

  • MIDI controlled 2x8 character LCD panel for displaying Hauptwerk text messages
  • RGB LED for indicating message color code
  • LCD and RGB LED control compatible with Hauptwerk System Exclusive text message format
  • Stop encoder for single stop normally open contact
  • Stop decoder for single stop
    • Double solenoid driver for SAM/SDK-type Stop
    • LED driver for Piston-type Stop
  • standard opto-insulated MIDI input
  • standard MIDI Through output
  • on-board voltage regulator - just apply 7-15V DC 
  • user-selectable MIDI Channel for Stop control
  • user-selectable MIDI Note for Stop control
  • user-selectable Haupwerk Display Panel ID for the LCD&RGB LED
  • all user-configurable parameters can be uploaded to iStop using recommended Programming/Configuration Utility (under Downloads tab ->)
  • self-contained unit, does not require other master than Hauptwerk, simply plug-and-play
  • includes 2x mm4-din5 25cm* MIDI cables and 1x mm4-rgbled 15cm* cable w. LED. 
    for custom cable lengths: call
  • multiple units can be chained together on same MIDI line
  • available in cost-effective bundles of 5,10,20,30,50 units **
    ** for other number of units bundled together: call

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