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32 key pedalboard MIDI encoder for passive/positive keying voltage with additional MIDI control

  • 32 parallel inputs for key contacts, arranged in scanrow
  • 8 discrete inputs for switches (pistons etc.)
  • 4 analog inputs for continuous control
  • Passive (default) or active (optional) keying
  • On-board diode bridge and voltage regulator - just apply 9-12V AC/DC from adapter or battery
  • Standard on-board DIN5 connectors for MIDI input ans MIDI output
  • Opto isolated MIDI input with Merge function, also used for programming
  • User selectable contact type (NO/NC) per key/switch input
  • User selectable toggling per key/switch input 
  • Mode 0 (Simple) with user-selectable:
    - MIDI channel (1..16)
    - Starting MIDI note (0..127)
    - Default Velocity
    - MIDI Controllers for the 8 discrete switch inputs
    - MIDI controllers for the 4 analog inputs
    - default Velocity (1..127)
  • Mode2 (Expert) with user-selectable:
    - MIDI message for On/Off per each key input separately
    - MIDI message for On/Off per each switch separately
    - MIDI message for Change per each potentiometer separately
  • User programming via universal Unified SysEx Format messages using free downloadable UPset.exe utility

Analog inputs 4
Keying voltage Passive (GND). Other - per request.
Platform MQ44
Power 12V AC/DC
Scanrow 32 keys + 8 switches
Settings Software, via USF SysEx messages
MIDI In Yes, Merge and Program
MIDI Out Yes

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