MIDI Boutique is the new face of the old and wellknown brand MIDI Gadgets Boutique.

We are manufacturer of interfaces supporting MIDIprotocol, allowing you to control practically anything. We can supply allelectronic interfaces you may need to automate your organ, accordion or build yourown concept musical instrument.  

Since we are mainly concentrated on organs, let’s seefew possible ways to use MIDI technology in organs.


Existing electric/relay control system of a pipe organbuilt 20 or more years ago, now obsolete, can be replaced with MIDI controlsystem. After that the pipe organ will remain same pipe organ, but theelectrical installation will become times simpler and reliable. It will become MIDIcontrolled pipe organ. You won’t need anymore bunch of electrical cablesrunning between organ console and pipe chamber. Only thin MIDI or data cablewill be sufficient for this communication. The huge preset electromechanicalsystem consisting of thousands of relays and switches can be now replaced withdigital memory system, as small as cigarette box, but capable to memorize andrecall thousands of stop presets.


The MIDI technology will not only simplify the organinstallation, but will make the organ MIDI compatible, so that it can workseparately or together with other MIDI devices or computer software when/ifthis becomes necessary. Organ pipes can now be played by external MIDIkeyboard. From the other side, the organ console can now play sounds on MIDIexpanders, virtual pipe organs etc. Finally, organist performance on an MIDIcontrolled organ can be recorded on MIDI recorder (a.k.a. MIDI-filer), thenplayed back on the real organ pipes without player sitting on the bench! Thisis not audio recording, this is real action recording. While playing back, thesound will come from pipes. Once the organ has been turned into MIDI controlledorgan, it can be easily expanded with hundreds of electronic sampledexpanders and/or virtual pipe organ stops by adding computer running VirtualPipe Organ software and good acoustic system. Having been expanded this way,the organ becomes hybrid (a.k.a. mixed) organ. The most popular VirtualPipe Organs suitable for setting up an mixed organ are Hauptwerk, jOrgan,GrandOrgue, MidiTzer .


In many cases customers have organ consoles salvedfrom old church organs and need to convert them to MIDI consoles in order touse them home. Most of people cannot afford building real pipe organ home, but definitelycan afford MIDI conversion of an existing old organ console or console built bythemselves, to be used to control virtual pipe organ software. For suchconversion they need MIDI interface boards and optional key contact systems,organ parameter displays etc. We can supply all these products at one stop.


Sometimes customers try to set up their organ consolefrom scratch step-by-step, taking keyboards from old non-functional synthesizers,pedal boards from organs and building their own stop jambs. We are happyto help with advices and suggestions in such projects.


Most of our interfaces are plug-and-play or requiresimple configuration steps. They can be also factory configured for you so thatyou only install and power them up. We provide full online assistance duringthe process of setup.


To the special attention of both professionals andamateur organ builders: we offer bundled products, ready configured per yourrequirements, suitable for fast MIDI conversion of organs. Full installationand configuration information for our products is available online.

Our products are covered by online technical supportand 1 year warranty.


No matter whether you need MIDI-interface able to scan 2 keyboards of 5octaves and a 32 notes pedalboard, or you are looking for afull 128 note MIDI decoder for pipes, or LCD modules for displaying Hauptwerkparameters and messages, on our web page you will find all MIDI componentsneeded by an organ builder.


Finally, here comes the cherry on the cake for MIDIorgan builders: one of our recent products we are proud of is eStop - intelligentstop controller which uses an e-ink panel to allow dynamically displaying stopnames per loaded VPO/sampleset.


But our products are not dedicated only to organ asmuch as MIDI standard is not dedicated to organs only. Both they arededicated to the MUSIC.Many customers use them to convert to MIDI pianokeyboards (with velocity), separate detachable pedalboards, accordions,concertinas, bandoneons and other bellow-operated instruments, exoticone-of-a-kind instruments, stage control systems for sound, light, etc.


Over the years we have proven that we are one if thebest in providing custom MIDI design solutions! Our happy clients from morethan 90 countries around the World can confirm that.


Thank you for choosing us! MIDI Boutique: digitaltechnology serving the music!


The brand MIDI Boutique belongs to a small family company, called LargoNet Ltd., owned by Nelly Valcheva and Jordan Petkov.

Nelly is CEO and in charge of financial and business part of our activities, while Jordan is Head of design and manufacturing part. We are located in Varna - one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria.
We started our business in year 2001, and now we have clients in more than 52 countries all over the World, from Vancouver to New Zealand. It has been very exciting and motivating experience for us.
We hope that the standart products we developed will satisfy your needs. If not - we are ready to develop and produce customer products, tailored especially for you.

Contact details
Company name: Largonet OOD
VAT number: BG103961852
Address: 8, Han Krum Str., Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Jordan Petkov – Head of design and manufacturing
Nelly Valcheva - Manager
Svetoslava Savova - Sales

phone: +359 52 602 062

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Bank details
Beneficiary name: Largonet OOD 
Bank name : ProCredit Bank
Bank address: 26 Todor Aleksandrov blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria 
IBAN (bank account): BG47PRCB92301449242016 (EUR)