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Bandoneon/accordion MIDI encoder with Air-pressure control

    • 2 scanmatrices , each 64 scanpoints
    • scanmatrix connectors, compatible with keymux64 key multiplexors and sm8x8 scanmatrix spread boards
    • analog input for Volume control using potentiometer
      • bi-directional differential air pressure sensor, sensing the pressure value and bellows movement direction
      • all of features are programmable by means of System Exclusive message, using free-downloadable SXBlast software:
      • MIDI event for push/pull per each key separately
      • MIDI event for Airpressure sensor
      • MIDI event for potentiometer
      • Response curve for airpressure (1 out of 4)
    • on-board diode bridge and voltage regulator - just apply 9-12V AC/DC from adaptor or battery

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