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MIDI-to-Parallel decoder Configurator

  • 16/32/48/64/80/96/112/128 parallel N/PwrN/P/PwrP Darlington driver outputs, terminated with header/screw terminals
  • integrated suppression diodes
  • all-in-one firmware including folowing operation modes:
    • Standard Mode for controlling common load type like pipe valves, solenoids, lamps
    • SAM Mode for controlling  Stop-Action-Magnet switches
    • VP Mode for controlling loads with variable length pulses per note velocity
    • VPWM Mode for controlling solenoid-driven percussive instruments with separate control on attack and decay power
    • PWM Mode for controlling loads via Pulse Width Modulation, suitable for continuous load power control per note velocity
    • SCN Mode for controling common loads via user-defined individual Channel&Note number per each output
    • ROU Mode for controlling common loads via routing rules, defined by user, suitable for pipe organ stops control
  • user configurable parameters (Mode, Start Note, MIDI Channel, Time Parameter, velocity response Curve etc.) by means of small Windows-based software tools 
    mddp128uset or
  • opto-isolated MIDI input
  • MIDI Thru output
  • recognizes MIDI Note On/NoteOff messages
  • recognizes MIDI All Notes Off message
  • supports Running Status and Zero-velocity
  • transparent for all MIDI messages, including System Exclusive and Realtime messages
    • mddp128m main board
    • option: mddp128x extension board
    • option: IDC34 plugs for ribbon cable 0.1"
    • option: dci34-34 cables and bo34 break-out boards
Load common Option: Positive/Negative
Load max. current Option: 0.5A/5A
Load max. voltage Option: 50V DC/100V DC
Load terminals Option: Pin headers/Screw
N-Darlington outputs Option: 16/32/48/64/89/96/112/128
Power 12V AC/DC
Settings Software
MIDI In Yes (Program)
MIDI Out Yes (Through)

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