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MIDI-to-Parallel decoder with 32 TTL-compatible outputs

  • 32 parallel TTL-compatible outputs
  • mdec32-s firmware for controlling up to 32 general loads (solenoids, relays, lamps etc.) via external drivers:
    • user selectable MIDI channel 1-16
    • user selectable starting note
  • mdec32-sam firmware for controlling up to 16 Stop Action Magnet (SAM) switches via external drivers:
    • user selectable MIDI channel 1-16
    • user selectable output pulse length (range 100mS - 1.6S, step 100mS)
    • fixed starting note (per request)
  • mdec32-pwm firmware for controlling up to 32 solenoid-driven percussive instruments via external drivers by single pulses or PWM signals depending on note velocity parameter:
    • user selectable MIDI channel (1 out of 2)
    • user selectable starting note (1 out of 8)
    • user selectable velocity responce curve (1 out of 2)
    • Pulse mode with selectable velocity-over-pulse-width mapping (1 out of 4)
    • PWM mode with selectable velocity-over-duty-cycle mapping (1 out of 4)
  • opto-insulated MIDI input
  • MIDI Thru output
  • recognizes MIDI Note On/NoteOff messages
  • recognizes MIDI All Notes Off message
  • supports Running Status and Zero-velocity
  • recognizes and ignores System Exclusive and Realtimemessages as well
  • user options (on request):
    • non-continuous note range
    • responding to other MIDI messages instead of Note On/Note Off messages​

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