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Universal User-programmable Console MIDI encoder

  • 4 scanmatrices , each 64 scanpoints (for keys and buttons) -keymux64 and sm8x8 compatible
  • 8 analog inputs for continuous control (reading potentiometers or external control voltage)
  • 8 additional parallel inputs for passive discrete control (reading buttons, switches or external TTL voltage)
  • standard MIDI output (DIN5)
  • user-programmable MIDI message of up to 32 bytes for each On/Off/Change event
  • MIDI Merge input (DIN5, optoinsulated)
  • on-board diode bridge and voltage regulator - just apply 9-12V AC/DC from adaptor or battery
  • NOTES about user programming:
    • all programming is done by dedicated SysEx messages, format described in documentation
    • programmable features are permanently memorized in non-volatile memory
    • an convenient MS-Windows-based application hwce2prg for programming is free downloadable (for boards made before 10.2017)
    • UpSet and UpSetEx programming utilies for Windows (for boards made since 10.2017, using new programming protocol), free 
Analog inputs 8
Discrete inputs 8
Keying voltage n.a. (scanmatrix and discrete inputs operate at TTL levels)
Power 12V AC/DC
Scanmatrix 4x 8x8
Settings Software
MIDI In Yes (Merge, Program)
MIDI Out Yes

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