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Accordion/Bandoneon MIDI encoder with Air-pressure control

  • 2 submodules - Master and Slave 
  • Scanrow arrangement of key and register contacts
  • Fast serial connection between Master and Slave via flexible spiral cable running thru bellows
  • Up to 43 keys and up to 16 register switches scanned by Master
  • Up to 32 keys and up to 8 register switches scanned by Slave
  • Digital differential air-pressure sensor with user-controlled sensitivity and response curve
  • 2 analog inputs for potentiometers for additional continuous control
  • User-selectable type of contact (NO/NC) for keys and registers, separately for Master and Slave
  • Up to 4 MIDI notes can be assigned to each key for each of bellows directions (push/pull)
  • User-selectable MIDI Conrol Change can be assigned to air-pressure sensor and each of potentiometers
  • User-selectable Program Change can be assigned to each register
  • User-selectable MIDI channel can be assigned for controls on Master and Slave side separately and for each potentiometer independently
  • Requires external power supply (AC/DC adapter or battery) like psa12s
  • MIDI connection terminated with DIN5 female connectors

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