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MIDI-to-Parallel decoder with 96 P-Darlington drivers

  • 96 parallel P-Darlington (high-side) driver outputs (up to 500m@50V per output)
  • Load connectors of BH34 type
  • integrated suppression diodes
  • all-in-one firmware including former Standard, SAM and PWMfirmwares available with our decoders of mdecXXX series for controlling up to 96 general loads, solenoids, relays, lamps etc. or up to 48 SAMs
  • user selectable Mode (1 out of 4)
  • user configurable parameters (Mode, Start Note, MIDI Channel, Time Parameter, velocity response Curve) by means of small Windows-based software tool mddp128uset
  • opto-isolated MIDI input
  • MIDI Thru output
  • recognizes MIDI Note On/NoteOff messages
  • recognizes MIDI All Notes Off message
  • supports Running Status and Zero-velocity
  • transparent for all MIDI messages, including System Exclusiveand Realtime messages
    • 1x mddp128mP main board with 64 outputs
    • 1x mddp128xP extension board with 32 outputs
    • 3x IDC34 plugs for ribbon cable 0.1"
Load common Negative (GND)
Load max. current 0.5A per load
Load max. voltage 50V DC
Load terminals Pin headers
P-Darlington outputs 96
Power 12V AC/DC
Settings Software
MIDI In Yes (Program)
MIDI Out No (Through)

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