Brand: MIDI Boutique
Product Code: mrl4
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MIDI-relay with 4 output channels (220V/up to 500W each)

  • 4 active AC power outputs for loads up to 500W (up to 800W short-time) at 220 VAC per output
  • user-selectable Unit ID (used for programming only)
  • programmable by SysEx message
  • programming can be done on stage without disconnection
  • user-programmable features:
    • MIDI channel to respond to (all outputs)
    • MIDI note to respond to (each output)
  • power socket terminals (see pictures)
  • opto-insulated MIDI input
  • standard MIDI Thru output (optional)
  • output channels separately fused
  • recognizes MIDI Note On/Off messages
  • recognizes MIDI All Notes Off message
  • supports "Zero-velocity"
  • recognizes specific SysEx message for programming

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